Stuttgart, the origin of Porsche Dresden, a cluster of Baroque constructions Germany industrial cities and home to generations of great artists are where industrial craftsmanship fusions with the soul of art. A realization of the true Germanic spirit and Deutsche pride.

ServFaces by Dresden. German

Lacquer surface coating

Charm and shininess fade as time goes by. Our SF element beats the many current solutions to not only restore the glamour of auto lacquer surface, but also provide enhanced polishing.

Interior surface coating

SF offers ultimate protection to luxury interior fixing, extending the life of interior components and fending off dust and dirt.

Specialized Cleaning

Our environmentally-friendly solutions make maintenance easier and reduces future reliance on cleaning. Strictly complied with our human and environmental safety standards and made from anti-bacteria materials, SF solutions avoid the release of toxic substance.

New SF Elements

•Long-lasting crystal-like and water repellent effect
•Protection from aging and luster enhancement
•Resistance to acidic and alkali erosion, stain and smear
•Higher scratch- and heat-resistance
•Variety of choices and combinations

  • Innovative technology inspired by the nature; structural optimization of auto surface to the atomic and molecular level

  • Long-lasting water repellent effect, resistance to acidic/alkali erosion and dirt, simplifying future maintenance

  • Main ingredients come from high quality materials and advanced technology and are harmless to human and the environment

  • High-strength transparent crystal reinforces the originallacquer surface and adds anti-UV protection

  • Help prevent stain with simple solution, even resistance to chemicals or cleaning solvents

  • Upgrading smear- and heat-resistance levels; resilient to external damages

The Beginning of a New Chapter -

With the highest quality and most advanced technology in the sector, ServFaces series is developed for the future.
ServFaces' R&D team in Switzerland has been providing the highest-quality services to the distributor of Ferrari from 2014, setting industry standard.