永恆塗層 Ceramic Suave

Suave 永恆塗層 特別為 Ultima 堅毅塗層 開啟更多神秘設計。
待 Ultima 堅毅塗層 完成後,等候4小時再依序使用 Suave 永恆塗層,將啟動創世紀雙層性能。而 Suave 永恆塗層 且適合單獨使用。

A perfect balance between strength and splendour inspired by the unique nature of elastic crystal. The holy grail for the highest goal leading to sensational experience of delicacy and elegance in the eternal moment. Ceramic Suave can be used alone, or applied four hours after the completion of Ceramic Coat Ultima to provide unprecedented protection.

堅毅塗層 Ceramic Coat Ultima


Durable and resilient, Ceramic Coat Ultima – the holy grail for highest protection - allows free indulgence in cabin space.


複合瓷膜 Ceramic Sealer


Combination of ceramic material and sealing technique enhances protection and polishing effect, showcasing the advantages of blending multiple techniques.


瞬間護理噴霧 Care - Seal

護理噴霧特別設計為 servFaces 塗層開啟時空之鑰,也將獲得更多的延緩時效。

Highly-adhesive atomic structure allows immediate shining effect and enhanced protection. An instant care solution for lacquer surface, glass and plastics


鋁圈塗層 Ceramic Coat Rims


The heat-resistant and highly-effective Ceramic Coat Rims can block pollution from dust in severe environment, offering ultimate protection to aluminium rims.

塑料塗層 Plastic Coat


Maintenance solution for plastics surface - stopping colour fade caused by sunlight exposure. Plastic Coat will penetrate into plastic surface freezing the original colour of plastic components.


玻璃塗層 Vitro Ultima

Vitro Ultima 玻璃塗層 能與 Ceramic Sealer 複合瓷膜 雙重合併武裝,將獲得更多與眾不同的成效。

Nanotechnology self-cleansing solution that blocks dirt and allows high water repellence. Closely-structured glass surface creates clear visibility under all weather conditions. Vitro Ultima can be applied with Ceramic Sealer for enhanced results.

皮革塗層 Leader Ultima


An insulating solution to reduce friction and risk of stain. The breathable membrane provides a natural and elegant touch to leather surface.


織物塗層 Textil Ultima


Highly water-repellent coating prevents dirt to penetrate into textile components without affecting the tenderness of textile surface.



表面處理A劑 Surface Cleaner Ultima

Cleaner Ultima 特別為 漆面、塑料、玻璃 研製,能去除表面藏污納垢,確保塗層能達到100%的最佳透徹度。

Designed for lacquer surface, glass and plastics, Cleaner Ultima can remove dirt and dust, and ensure 100% performance of coating.



除油鏈結B劑 Surface Cleaner Neutra

Cleaner Neutra 特別為 漆面、塑料、玻璃 調配,能處理表面油脂殘蠟,確保塗層能達到100%的最佳附著性。

Designed for lacquer surface, glass and plastics, Cleaner Neutra can remove residual oil and wax, and enhance adhesiveness of coating.



皮革處理劑 Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner 特別為 皮革 調配,能溫和清除表面髒污且不傷皮質,適合使用方向盤、排檔頭、門把、座椅區域,恢復原有的新穎狀態。

 Leather Cleaner gently removes dirt without harming leather surface of steering wheels, gear heads,  door handles and seats.



織物處理劑 Textil Cleaner

Textil Cleaner 特別為 織物 設計,能徹底溶解纖維內部的藏污納垢,適合使用頂蓬、敞篷、地毯、絨布坐墊,恢復原有的新穎狀態。

Textil Cleaner can dissolve dirt in fibre and restore car headliners, collapsible textile roof sections, carpet, velvet seats to their new conditions.



內飾處理劑 Interieur Cleaner

Interieur Cleaner 特別為 塑料 設計,能有效清理表面髒污且不添加對環境有害物質,適合任何塑料材質與車內飾板,恢復原有的新穎狀態。

Designed for plastics, Interieur remove dirt effectively without causing harm to the environment and restore plastic components to their new conditions. Suitable for any plastic materials including cabin boards.


玻璃防霧噴劑 Anti-Fog

Anti-Fog 特別為 玻璃 設計,獨特奈米合成技術,能在清潔同時一併增添防霧塗層,提升行車視野絕佳清晰度。

With its unique nano-synthetic technology, Anti-Fog provides cleansing and anti-fog solutions in one go, ultimately enhancing visibility.